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Pet Odor Urine Removal Bowie MD

Professional Pet Odor Urine Removal – Bowie MD

Did you know??……A small dog or cat weighing five pounds or less will release about 2 ounces of urine each time. If the animal urinates twice a day on your carpet, it adds up to far over 11 gallons per year! If the animal concentrates that into a corner of your home or  several small areas, which many of them do, then the problem can be quite extensive.

Pet Odor and Urine Removal is a multi-step and complex process. And unlike other odors, pet odor and urine removal is more than simply a odor or stain issue.  Pet urine presents a heath issue which must be addressed by decontaminating the soiled areas.

A properly trained professional cleaning technician should address three issues when dealing with pet urine…..the Odor…Decontamination…and the Stain. This is far more involved than simply spraying some magical “spritz” on the carpet and hoping the issue will disappear.

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