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Awesome experience. I had burn spots in my Berber carpet that needed repair – I had a spare piece. The price quoted is what I paid. I was responded to in a quick and prompt fashion for a quote and I was scheduled quickly. My technician did an AMAZING job. I cannot see the repairs at all. He had a great attention for detail. He made sure the nap was lined up correctly, that the repair pieces fit, and carpet glue set. I am so thankful!! I recommend Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning to anyone needing their service and I will use them again when needed.


Elkridge, MD

This carpet company exceeded all expectations. I contracted to have my carpet stretched and the company personnel used remarkably effective equipment, worked diligently and produced a first-rate end product. If I had had any doubt about what he accomplished, he was thoughtful enough to take pictures before he began and after he worked his magic. The contrast between the pictures was remarkable. I recommend the company without reservation.

Marjorie Bloom

Bethesda, MD

The two guys – Mr. William and helper – were great! They went above and beyond by answering all my questions. The price was excellent and they went above and beyond the extra mile by helping with furniture, even repairing the edges of the carpet. I will be recommending them as well as using them again for any and all services needed. So glad I found them on Yelp!


I wanted to rent this beautiful townhouse but the carpet was disgusting. I was so upset because the other townhouses we viewed with my bad credit and what I could afford were dumpy. This townhouse was perfect except the carpets I have 4 babies and could not live here, due to the carpets being dirty, the landlord hired some company he found and it was still disgusting. The landlord refused to replace the carpet and I couldn’t afford to either. Holding on to one last hope I called Maryland Carpet repair and cleaning in hopes of a miracle and that is what was given. After having my carpets cleaned There is absolutely no smell in the carpets, the dingyness is gone, I walk on the floor in my fresh white socks and their still bright white. This company is true to their promise and now we love our new home????

Heater Hawkins

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning did a great job when it came to the service they provided with me and my wife. These guys were great, very professional and worked hard the whole time they were there. They were also prompt and on time which is important and if needed be, I would certainly use them again going forward in the future. I highly recommend Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning service to anybody else in the area looking for a quality service. Although they aren’t the cheapest in comparison to their competitors, they make the job worth every penny and I am highly satisfied with the results.


Columbia, MD

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning did a great job when it came to the service they provided with me and my wife. These guys were great, very professional and worked hard the whole time they were there. They were also prompt and on time which is important and if needed be, I would certainly use them again going forward in the future. I highly recommend Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning service to anybody else in the area looking for a quality service. Although they aren’t the cheapest in comparison to their competitors, they make the job worth every penny and I am highly satisfied with the results.


Columbia, MD

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning cleaned my condo’s carpet as I was putting it on the market. They were prompt, running a special, and the time they made the appointment, they were here when they said they would and finished when they said they would.

Michelle C.

Annapolis, MD

Our bedroom carpet had several ripples in it. We had put off the repair for over a year until we redecorated. We called Maryland Carpet Repair because they focused on repairs, not cleaning and installation. I had thought that there were just a couple of ripples, in one particular area of the carpet. I had spoken to Maryland Carpet on the phone, and they gave me a ballpark price for the repair, based on the square footage of the room ( 13 x 26 feet ). The price seemed reasonable, and our appointment was scheduled. All of the furniture had to be removed from the room for the carpet stretching. Once the furniture was removed, we realized that the carpet ripples were everywhere. When I looked at the empty room with the washboard surfaced carpet, I was afraid we had made a mistake to have the carpet repaired. It was so much worse than I had realized. Additionally, there were indentations in the carpet and the padding from the furniture. I actually looked at what it was going to cost to replace the carpeting. I was astounded by the cost of replacement of the carpet. My carpet is a patterned berber. It is almost 14 years old. Before we moved the furniture out of the room, I thought the carpet was in great shape, except for the “couple of ripples”. With the room empty, I could see all of the problems. As I said, I was afraid the carpet technician was going to arrive and say “I think you’ll need to replace this one–I can’t fix this.” BUT NO! Gary, our repair technician, took a look at the carpet. He said it was one of the worst he had seen, (the ripples, not the carpet). He said, “I can fix that.” He explained why he thought the carpet had stretched as it had. My carpet had originally been installed by a contractor who had used the knee-kick method to install the carpet. Gary said the carpet was so heavy, it should never had been installed without a power stretcher. Gary went out to the truck and brought in his tools. An hour and a half later, our carpet had been re-stretched. I ran my hand over the surface, and it was flat! First time in over a year. But, you could still tell where the ripples had been–it was flat but the berber pile was flattened. Gary explained that with deep cleaning, that would be corrected. He also said the indentations in the carpet from the furniture would be removed with cleaning. I have to say, I was skeptical that he could solve these problems, too. And, I must say, I would have been satisfied just to have the ripples gone. But Gary seemed so confident that he could do it, so we eagerly said yes to the deep cleaning. I was on a very tight furniture delivery schedule, and Gary worked with me to get an appointment for cleaning the carpet in two days. He scheduled it so that he would be the one coming out to do the carpet. I didn’t see the actual cleaning process. I was trying to stay out of the way of all of the equipment. While Gary was here, he suggested that we have the stairs cleaned also. The stairs had never been professionally cleaned. (Let me add here, it’s not that we overlooked professional carpet cleaning, it’s that we’ve had our carpets cleaned quite a few times in the past, and the results were never satisfactory.) It took about two hours to clean the bedroom and the stairs. Gary told us not to walk on it for as long as we could. When Gary left, we had not been upstairs to see the bedroom. We didn’t want to walk on the newly cleaned stairs. Gary told us the bedroom carpet looked great. I didn’t find out until eight hours later what a great job he had done. All of the ripples had been removed. All of the flattening of the pile had been repaired. The carpet looked almost new. No, it actually looked new. It was incredible. All of the imprints from the furniture were gone. I couldn’t believe it. I think they are using before and after photos of our carpet in their ad, so look for the photos of the sage-grey berber carpet to see an astonishing repair. My new furniture arrived a couple of days later. Neighbors, friends and family have all commented about how nice the new furniture looks. But, additionally, everyone has made a comment about the beautiful carpet. They should have seen it a week ago. We were so impressed by the quality of the service that we have added Maryland Carpet Repair to our community list of “Recommended Contractors”. I can’t say enough about how great a job Gary did. He was professional, courteous and friendly. We really liked him. We aren’t just adding our names to anonymous reviews like Angie’s List — we tell people we know. We’ll be using them again when we redecorate the other bedrooms.

Murray F.

Severn, MD

They came out to clean two area rugs. Once they came out, they told me it would be more because the dog stains cost more. I decided not to do it and do a different area rug instead. Everything went fine there. They were courteous and had good customer service.

Marlise A.

Pachanga, MD

This was my first time using Maryland Carpet Repair. I had my carpets stretched this time. They were prompt, courteous, and did an excellent job. I read their great reviews and they lived up to them. I highly recommend them.

Pam S.

Potomac, MD

Technicians we courteous and knowledgeable. They took care with our home while performing our. Very neat and thorough. The men were very polite. I would recommend your company without reservation. Great customer service. Thank you. Our carpets and furniture look so nice


Laurel, MD

“I had Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning stretch carpet in a new home that I just purchased and also clean the carpet that was already in one of the rooms and on the stairs, they hadn’t been cleaned in awhile so they needed some freshening up. I found the company on Yelp and sent them a text, got an immediate response and then went online to submit a request for the date I wanted them to come out. The request I submitted was actually priced out higher than what they ended up charging me, so rather than maintaining that cost they adjusted it to make sure I was getting the best possible price for the service. The technicians were great, very friendly, very respectful of my home and any furniture that might have been in the space, and when they were done the old carpet looked brand new and the new carpet looked great. I would definitely recommend the company and I’ll consider hiring them again in the future if I need any more work done for my carpets.”


Outstanding job by William repairing my pet-damaged carpet. His skills and professionalism were very apparent. 5 stars.


This was my first time using Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning. I had a hole in my carpet because my dog had chewed. They were able to patch it. The price was a little higher than I hoped but they did a great job. I’d use them again.


Annapolis, MD

When I used Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning for the first time, I submitted an online request for an estimate. They called me back right away, and the pricing they gave me was fair. It wasn’t the highest, and it wasn’t the lowest. We scheduled the appointment, and they showed up on time. They even called me 30 minutes before they got here. They got the carpet repair and cleaning done within two hours. The technician was very knowledgeable and professional. He gave me tips on how to maintain my carpet. I felt very comfortable having them in my home!m again.


Rockville, MD

Gary from Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning did carpet replacement for a burn we had and he did a really great job with it. He was very friendly and worked very professionally..

Maria D.

Damascus, MD

I explained a couple problem areas where the carpet was bunching up, and gave a rough calculation of the square footage. Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning took care of a number of those, but said there was nothing to do in some of the others. It ended up costing less than I thought, and their rates had been very competitive anyway. The technician was in and out within two-and-a-half hours, leaving everything nice and neat. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!

Robert M.

Brookeville, MD

I found Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning on Google and I think they are awesome. The worker looked at my carpets and discussed what needed to be done before starting the cleaning. On the day of the cleaning, he was at my house for five hours and didn’t stop working until it was done. I was really amazed.

John M.

Brandywine, MD

Well the gentlemen from Maryland Carpet Repair who cleaned my carpets yesterday did a FANTASTIC JOB! Even my husband is pleased! I usually do not write reviews for any company and this may be my first – but our carpets look brand new. My son, who has autism, had gum and juice stains in several areas of the house and paint stains (from finger painting) in his workroom – all of the gum and the stains are gone. My husband and I thought that we would have to replace the carpet but after having Maryland Carpet Repair clean our carpets we do not!! I have already recommended your company to relatives and I will continue to recommend you to other relatives and friends. The carpets look wonderful!! Maryland Carpet Repair is the best carpet cleaning company I have ever scheduled to have my carpets cleaned over the years; better than Stanley Steemer! I will definitely call Maryland Carpet Repair for future cleanings!!

Karla L.

Upper Marlboro, MD

I was extremely pleased with Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning. I’m prepping for a property sale, and the carpet had not been cleaned in a while. It was badly stretched with speed bumps and stained stairways. Maryland Carpet Repair was able to take care of all of those issues! They came out over an hour early and were very thorough with their work. I had a huge Kool-Aid stain about two-feet around, and they got it out completely. I was amazed at how the carpet looked because it has not been that clean in a long time. It’s stupid to be geeking out over carpet, but it was just gorgeous! The service workers were also very professional and friendly, which was a good balance. They answered all of my questions and gave me some great advice about carpet care in the future. I had called a couple of other companies beforehand, but they never responded. I had been chasing this for about three weeks, and almost gave up completely. Luckily Maryland Carpet Repair got back to me and did a fantastic job. I’d highly recommend them!

Karen L.

Washington, DC

My carpet was old looking, dirty and bulking. Once the company finished their magic my carpet looked almost new. The best part of this was the customer service from both the company and their representatives who performed the service in my home. I would recommend and use them again.


Rockville, MD

“I had a pleasant experience with Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning. I needed my carpet to be stretched and they did an excellent job. Their technicians were very professional and pleasant to work with. They showed up on time to do the work and there have been no problems since they came. Their customer service is very responsive and it was easy to setup an appointment with them. They have competitive pricing and I would recommend them to others. This was my first time using them and I would use them again in the future.”


Excellent job! I made my reservation online and 2 days later William (very professional) was at my house. I had the carpet in all 4 bedrooms + a master closet stretched and I’m so incredibly happy! All those hills, bumps and ripples…all gone. It’s like having new carpet. Great job.

Sharon Bennet

I absolutely recommend Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning. They were very polite and did their job well. I called 10 other companies in Maryland that claimed that they couldn’t take this crease out of my carpet and Maryland Carpet Repair was able to fix the problem immediately. They also removed a candle wick that had melted into my carpet and I wasn’t able to take out myself, no matter how hard I tried. I was so impressed with their service with the repair jobs that I hired them to clean the carpet for my entire home and sofa. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.


Gaithersburg, MD

This was my first time with Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning. They stretched and washed my basement carpet. I found their technicians to be extremely professional, friendly, and skilled.


Boyds, MD

This was my first time using Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning. I had them do a basic carpet stretching repair and steam cleaning. The work was done cheerfully and completely. The two technicians that came out were very professional and knowledgeable. There were no surprises about the price. It was very reasonable. Everything looks good. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Carl P.

Annapolis, MD

This was my first time using Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning. The guys that helped me did a good job. Umar and another man helped me with the service. They cleaned one carpet for me. They explained the process. They told me what they would be doing and how they would do it. It took them about 45 minutes. I would definitely recommend them!

Tyisha R.

Largo, MD

We called one day and they were there the next. The carpet once again lies flat and it clean. Thanks so much! We will definitely recommend Maryland Carpet Repair and cleaning.

Toni O.

Bowie, MD

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning helped me after my carpet had significant pet damage done to it. A competing service said they couldn’t fix the issue, but Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning was able to do it in under an hour. They were also able to treat the pet odor and clean the floor. Overall, I was very satisfied, and would recommend them.

Matt B.

Gaithersburg, MD

“Stretched carpet for entire home 1200 sq ft. Job was well done. job was done well and the staff seemed very well trained.”

Daniel, Bowie