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Berber Repair

Berber carpet is among the most popular carpet types available to people today. They are durable and look nice on a floor. Berber carpet is a loop pile carpet – a floor covering that has rows of uncut loops.

The Problem – Carpet Damage in the Form of Berber Snags and Berber Runs

Due to the loop pile construction of Berber carpets, problems can arise. A small snag can turn into a major snag, sometimes running all the way across the room. Berber snags and Berber runs can be caused by pets, a vacuum, or improper installation procedures (among other causes).

The Solution – Berber Snags and Berber Runs Can Be Repaired

When your Berber carpet consists almost entirely of neat, even loops, but one section or row has larger loops or unhinged loops or even hanging pieces, you may be tempted to replace the entire carpet. Don’t make such a drastic move yet! There’s another option. No matter the cause, our certified Carpet Repair Technicians can repair the snags and runs in your Berber carpet. They will return your carpet to its original condition. The images to the right show only one example of many Berber carpet repairs our technicians have done in the past. Ask us about our many carpet damage solutions for Berber carpet..