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Bleach Spot Repair

The Problem – Bleach Stains

So many household cleaning products contain bleach nowadays that it’s a wonder that most carpeting doesn’t look like a checkerboard! Bleach is such a common household chemical because it disinfects and sterilizes surfaces. However, the whitening and color-removing properties of bleach can result in damage – an ugly bleach spot – when bleach comes in contact with carpet.

Don’t be disheartened if you or a loved one has dripped or spilled a product containing bleach on the carpet. It happens to the best of us. No matter the source or size of your carpet bleach spots, Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning can completely eliminate these eyesores.

The Solution – Bleach Spot Repair

We utilize spare carpet left over from your installation and seamlessly insert the new section. This is the best and easiest solution. If no leftover carpet is available, we will assist you with a unique carpet stain removal solution that really works. In fact, we deliver bleach stain repair solutions at a fraction of the cost of whole carpet replacement.