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Carpet Burns

The Problem – Carpet Burns

Carpet burns are common. If your carpet has been accidentally burned, you are not alone. Caused by irons, cigarettes, hookahs, curling irons, and other hot objects, burns leave dark, ugly holes in carpet.

Carpet burns are frustrating and commonly believed to be permanent. However, the truth is, certified professionals regularly repair carpet burns. Regardless of whether your kids knocked over the clothes iron or your cigarette found a new home outside of the ashtray, Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning offers affordable carpet burn repair solutions.

The Solution – Carpet Repair or Partial Carpet Replacement

We fix carpets damaged from carpet burns at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We often accomplish this by utilizing spare carpet left behind from your installation. If you have spare carpet, we will simply and seamlessly insert the new section. We always advise people to keep spare carpet in their basement, garage, or attic, just in case it’s needed for carpet repairs.

If no leftover carpet is available, don’t worry. We also deliver alternative repair solutions. This will also result in a seamless section of carpet that looks just like it did before the burn event. And since all of our carpet burn solutions are provided for only a fraction of the cost of replacement of the entire carpet, we offer the least expensive option available to homeowners..