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Water Damage Restoration Services in Maryland

Do you have a plumbing problem? Or any other type of leak that has soaked your carpet or rugs? Our recommendation is to have it fixed quickly. With delay, you may loose your carpet and allow secondary damage such as mold or mildew growth to begin.

Saving your carpet from a water damage loss also depends on the source of the water. Carpet and building materials such as baseboards and drywall which are soiled with sewage water should be discarded. This is not a financial decision and should only be guided with the health and safety of the occupants in mind.

Wet carpet from clean water sources can generally be saved by a professional water damage restoration company.  There are many steps to ensure your carpet is salvaged and water removal and restoration requires more than just setting up a box fan or two. One of the key to success is a rapid response.

Water damage restoration is the ultimate game of “Hide and Seek”. You must find all the water. And once you find the water, you have to get rid of it!.