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Carpet Stretching Service Maryland

How do you know when its time for professional carpet stretching?

Does your carpet look like it suddenly has waves? Is it beginning to bulge around the edge of your rooms.

Are you concerned that your carpet is now a tripping hazard…and only getting worse. This is not what you expected when you purchased your new carpet a few years back. The store warranty has expired and there aren’t many places to turn to for help. Its disappointing to say the least.

Carpet that was not properly stretched during installation will expand during those summer months and develop waves. They usually start out small and in one area of a room. Before long, you may come home to what appears to be snakes living under the carpet.

Replacing your carpet is not your only option. Carpet stretching can extend the life of your carpet by eliminating the waves or ripples. Don’t leave it to amateurs or attempt to D-I-Y. This is a job for carpet professionals who have the tools and experience to get the job done right.