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pet odor urine removal MD


Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning has been receiving calls from clients in MD with questions about pet odor urine removal. It seems as temperatures in the Maryland area heat up, pet odors begin to increase as well.  Pet urine produces urine salts which are hygroscopic…and I’m  sure you’re thinking we made the word up.

When Fido has accidents on your carpet or textiles, the urine will penetrate into the backing of the material . The main ingredient in pet urine, Uric Acid, begin to break down into ammonia. The urine and ammonia mix then develop into urine salts. If you were to turn over the carpet, you’d notice a white residue or powdery substance. These hygroscopic salts will lay dormant in the dry winter months however as temperatures and humidity levels rise, the salts become active and continue to produce ammonia gas.. They feed off the moisture (water) in your home…therefore hygroscopic.

Odors from pet urine soiled carpet will always remain unless properly treated. There is no “miracle” spray from your grocery or hardware store that will alleviate pet odor. Pet odor removal is a multi-step process that must address the contamination, odor, and stain.