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Carpet Stretching Laurel MD

Laurel MD Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching Laurel MD

We received a call from a customer who had bumps and ripples in their carpet, which was likely caused by poor installation. When installing carpet most installers incorrectly kick the carpet into place. Here at Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning carpet stretching is our most common repair! We use a tool called the power stretcher to stretch the carpet from wall to wall, which is the standard installation procedure. We were able to get this carpet laying flat again; stretching can add years on the lifespan of your carpet, saving our customer money in the long run. We finished this job with deep cleaning and deodorizing their carpet. The overall appearance of their carpet improved drastically and the customer was happy. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Because of the thorough job our certified carpet technicians do, we stand behind our work by offering a 5 year labor guarantee!

Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning offers the following services:

-Carpet Stretching

-Carpet Repair

-Professional Carpet Cleaning

-Pet Damage Repair

-Bleach Stain Repair

-Berber Repair

-Upholstery Cleaning

-Water Damage Restoration

-Carpet Reinstallation

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Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning services the MD, DC, &  N. VA area.