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Maryland Carpet Repair – Carpet Stretching

Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning was hired to do carpet stretching for a client in Crofton, MD.

Did you ever expect that your carpet would develop major carpet bumps and lumps when it was installed. The reality is that most installations these days are done improperly and with the incorrect tools. According to most carpet manufacturers, carpet should be power stretched during installation to ensure a drum-tight fit; the commonly known knee-kicker that most installers utilize is not a carpet stretching tool.

Carpet stretching not only extends the life of your carpet, eliminates tripping hazards, and improves appearance; it will also improve its feel!

Don’t let an inexperience carpet technician install your carpet improperly; if its already installed and has bumps and ripples which need stretching, contact us today at or 240-257-6244.