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Carpet Repair Silver Spring MD

A customer contacted Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning for Carpet Repair Silver Spring MD. Her puppy tried to dig a hole in her carpet. Well, she contacted the right place! We advised her we can take care of her carpet repair needs, and that she would not need to replace this room of carpet. Our certified carpet repair technicians removed the torn piece and inserted another piece of carpet the client provided. The carpet in this room now looks awesome! It is not necessary to replace your carpet or live with unsightly damage.  Our technicians have the ability to repair and restore your carpet in a matter of minutes!  We are only a phone call away.


Looking for professional carpet stretching and repair at your home in Maryland? Congratulations, you’ve just found a highly rated, locally owned, professional carpet repair, stretching, and cleaning company.

Our service offering includes:

-Carpet Stretching / Restretching

-Carpet Repair

-Pet Damage Carpet Repair

-Professional Carpet Cleaning

-Berber Carpet Repair

-Carpet Reinstallation