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Water Damage Re-installation District Heights MD

Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning received a call from a client who just had water damage in her basement. She needs her padding replaced and her carpet re-installed. Our certified technicians were able to go out the same day and do an estimate for her.  If the water damage is addressed properly the carpet can be saved. It is best to remove all wet padding underneath the carpet. Once carpet and padding have been re-installed, we recommend it be deep cleaned and deodorized. We have scheduled the  job to be done this Saturday.

 Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning offers professional carpet repair and cleaning services throughout the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas.

Our carpet repair services include:

Carpet Stretching/Re-stretching

Carpet to Tile Transitions

Carpet Repairs (burns, bleach, pet damage, and stains)

Berber Repair/Snags/Runs

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Sales

Water Damage Restoration

Carpet Installation

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