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Carpet Stain Repair Laurel MD

Do you have bleach or paint stains in your carpet? Don’t worry, this is something that can be repaired. This picture shows the paint stain our customer had in their family room and the repair patch our certified technicians were able to do.¬†Carpet repair is an affordable option. Professional carpet repair requires a specialized set of tools, and the proper combination of experience and confidence. Carpet repair is not something to DIY unless you have experience cutting carpet. It’s also helpful to have spare carpet, but it is not a requirement. Call us for your Carpet Stain Repair!

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning specialized in the following services:

Pet Damage Repair

Bleach/Paint Stain Repair

Berber Repair

Carpet Stretching / Restretching

Carpet to Tile Transitions

Water Damage Restoration

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Sales & Installation

Carpet Reinstallation (after water damage)

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