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Iron Burn Carpet Repair Rockville MD

A nice lady from Rockville MD contacted our office the other day. She had an iron burn on her newly installed carpet; and was beside herself as the carpet had been installed only a week prior and don’t know what to tell her husband. Our office staff reassured her this iron burn carpet repair could be fixed and offered our website, so her husband could view our before and after pictures from similar carpet repair work. They were both impressed by the work they saw and scheduled with us to have the carpet repaired. Our certified IICRC technician, fixed the repair with their spare carpet left over from the installation. (Keep any leftover carpet from your installation.) He trimmed out the damaged area of berber carpet, inserted the spare as a carpet patch, and seamed it all together. Our client was very grateful we fixed her carpet and said from, the first phone call to the repair being finished, she felt as reassured and supported. She trusted we would provide quality work for her, and said we exceeded her expectations!

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning services the DC, MD, and N. VA areas.

We specialize in:

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