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Carpet Stretching Gaithersburg MD

Are you tired of looking at ripples and waves in your carpet? Have you recently noticed ripples in the carpet after moving  or looking under the furniture? Carpet stretching is one of our most common repair. It’s often needed when carpet comes loose from the tack strips. The ripples can also be a sign of poor installation. Our skilled technicians use a power stretcher tool to stretch the carpet from wall to wall ensuring the carpet is completely flat and drum tight. In order for the carpet to be properly stretched, most of the furniture will need to be removed prior. We offer 5 year labor guarantee on this carpet stretching service. These before and after pictures show a ripple that was right down the middle of the room.  You don’t have to live with bumps and ripples in your carpet. Contact us and we will have a certified carpet technician power stretch your carpet. 240-257-6244

We service the DMV area.  Our services include but aren’t limited to: carpet stretching, carpet repair, professional carpet cleaning, pet damage, and more!