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Maryland Carpet Repair: Carpet Stretching Alexandria VA

Do you have carpet ripples and waves in your carpet? Waves and ripples are great in the ocean, but not in our carpet. Carpet Stretching Crofton MD is usually needed when carpet installers do not use a power stretcher tool to install the carpet in your home.  As a result the carpet is very loose. Ripples can be created when heavy furniture is moved around the room,  a change in seasons, or just over all wear and tear on the carpet.  The power stretcher stretches the carpet from wall to wall and our certified technicians trim out the excess carpet that has been created. Carpet stretching can be done at any time, but its best not to wait too long from the time the ripples first occurred. The longer you wait, the more wear and traffic patterns develop on the ripple, further damaging your carpet. Carpet stretching is a common repair for our technicians, contact us today to remove these unsightly ripples from your carpet!

Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning proudly services the Maryland, DC, and Northern VA area

Services we provide:

Our service offering includes:

Carpet Stretching / Restretching

-Carpet Repair

-Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Professional Carpet Cleaning

-Berber Carpet Repair

-Carpet Reinstallation

-Water Restoration

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