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Berber Carpet Repair Potomac MD

Berber (loop pile) carpet is known for its durability and many different appealing styles and patterns.

Did you also know that if improperly installed, the chances for berber carpet damage is significant? A berber seam that is not properly sealed with latex adhesive is sure to snag and run.

This client contacted our office for berber carpet repair Potomac MD. A long run had developed in the carpet and she wanted to prevent the run from growing any bigger. The client had spare carpet we were able to insert into the damaged area. Take a look kat our before and after pictures of this berber carpet repair.

Spare carpet is the preferred option when doing carpet repair. However, if no spare carpet is available our certified technicians can remove carpet from the closet to use as the carpet patch for the damaged area. First the damaged section is trimmed to have smooth straight edges, then the appropriate amount is cut from either the spare carpet or closet piece. Next, we would insert seam tape and the newly made piece of carpet into the pre-existing damaged area. We use a Cool Glide tool to seam everything back together as one piece of carpet.  It’s not a complex process, but takes the correct set of professional carpet tools, skill, and a certified carpet repair technician. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars replacing your carpet, let Virginia Carpet Repair and Cleaning repair your carpet instead! 240-257-6244

We service the Maryland, DC, and N Virginia areas.

We specialize in:

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Berber Carpet Runs

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