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     Good vs Bad Carpet Cleaning MD

Here is a list of good vs bad carpet cleaning MD facts to think about when a homeowner is looking at getting their carpets cleaned. The type of carpet cleaning, you choose may also affect your carpets’ warranty. Some DIY carpet cleaning options may void the warranty, because the manufacturer has established which carpet cleaning methods extend the life of the carpet. Following their guidelines will keep the warranty in tact, but it can also save you money in the long run. Overtime the soil in the carpet begins to wear down the carpet fibers.  The less the carpets are cleaned, the more soil in the carpet, the more extensive traffic patterns become: all of these facts are a recipe for replacing your carpet in the next few years. Manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning, though the time frame can vary per manufacturer. For their warranty to remain active, some want the carpet cleaned every 9-12 months, others may be every 12-15 months, etc. So if you are in need of a professional, certified and locally-owned carpet repair and cleaning, look no further! We service the MD, DC, and N. VA areas.  Contact the office to schedule your appointment today! 240-257-6244.

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