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Carpet Cleaning- Stain Removal Boyds MD

Many households spot stain removers contain peroxide as one of their main ingredients. Peroxide can be harmful to your carpet and cause bleaching of the carpet fibers. While homeowners should use caution to not bleach their carpet, while attempting stain removal. Many of these products will also cause the stain to spread, setting the stain deeper into the fibers, and possibly causing them to become permanent. It’s best to contact your local carpet cleaning company to see what the best product and solution will be for complete stain removal for your individual stain. There are many types of stains: make-up based stains, pet stains, bleach stains, food based stains, etc. Each of these stains use a different stain removal product. A local carpet cleaning company that is certified in carpet cleaning and stain and odor removal can guide you to the right product and the process for stain removal success. Our technicians understand the frustration of having multiple stains in your carpet, and will use the best products in the industry to efficiently remove your stain. The above before and after picture from a recent job is an example of carpet cleaning- pet stain removal success.

Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning proudly services the Maryland, DC, and Northern VA area

Services we provide:

Our service offering includes:

Carpet Stretching/ Restretching

-Stain Removal

-Carpet Repair

-Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Pet Urine and Odor Treatment

-Berber Carpet Repair

-Carpet Reinstallation

-Water Restoration

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