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Carpet Repair Potomac MD

Looking for carpet repair Potomac MD? This homeowner in Potomac MD had some pet damaged carpet from his cat. Cats love to flex their claws in the carpet. Flexing is part of their instinctive nature. They aren’t trying to be bad. Their paws contain scent glands, and this behavior is a cat’s way of marking their territory in your home. Also, the texture of the carpet is appealing to them; flexing their claws in it helps remove dead skin from their paws and claws. If this flexing damages your carpet, no need to worry, it is repairable. Don’t replace your carpet over pet damage such as this when carpet repair is much more affordable. Our certified technicians love pets and are skilled in pet damaged carpet repair.

If your carpet looks like this before picture, contact us and our technicians can have your carpet looking great again. 240-257-6244.

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We service the Maryland, DC, and N Virginia areas.

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