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Carpet Stain Repair Rockville MD

Carpet stains are an eye soar and a frustration to many homeowners. We were contacted to do a Carpet Stain Repair Rockville MD. Our clients’ kids had gotten permanent marker of the carpet. She had tried multiple times to remove the stain herself with common household stain removers and even rented a local carpet machine; nothing had worked. This is a common situation our technicians are called into. The best way to remove a carpet stain is to contact a professional company, explain what kind of stain it is, and they can recommend the proper solution based on the stain type: food-based, ink or marker, wine, grease, gum,  or wax. There are many different solvents and gels that break up different stains.  Once a client has tried a household stain removers and carpet cleaning rentals, they set the stain further into the carpet, making it now permanent. If our certified cleaning technicians can get to a stain within a few days, the stain should be able to be removed. Once the stain is set in the carpet, the next best option is to physically remove the stain. The carpet stain would be trimmed out, and a donor piece can be inserted into the area. the edges would be sealed and seamed together, so the carpet is all one piece. Contact our office today,  if you are in need of carpet stain repair at 240-257-6244.

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