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Bleach Stain Carpet Repair Columbia MD

Bleach Stain Carpet Repair Columbia MD

Most people are aware the bleach stains colored fabric and material. What you may not know is bleach can be found in some store bought stain removal products. So, the products used remove a stain, can cause an even bigger stain. Be careful when trying to remove a stain yourself, and always test the product on a small area first. The best option is to contact a local carpet cleaning company and ask them which product is best, based on your particular stain.

The picture shown above is a bleach stain carpet repair. We trimmed out the damaged section of carpet and then inserted a donor piece of carpet into the are and seamed everything together. Our client was grateful for the work that was performed. Her bleach accident was a headache that had turned into a nightmare when she attempted to clean the stain herself.  A happy, satisfied client is our goal. This bleach stain carpet repair, was a job well done! 240-257-6244 or visit our website at

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