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Pet Damage Carpet Repair Bethesda MD

Pet Damage Carpet Repair Bethesda MD

Its frustrating to come home to pet damaged carpet. There are numerous reasons pets cause carpet damage. Often times it’s because they get an anxious being in an enclosed room. Other times, pets like the feeling on digging their claws into the carpet. In some cases, a dog may dig in the carpet because there is something underneath they are trying to get to. Whatever the reason for your pet damaged carpet,  Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning is here to help. We repair carpet with expert precision and the eye soar of the damaged area will be eliminated. We Our technician, who is certified in carpet repair, will remove the damaged carpet. Using either spare carpet or carpet from the back corner of a closet, they will insert that carpet as a donor piece. The donor piece will be seamed and the edges sealed so the carpet is all one piece.

Will my carpet repair be visible? The answer is No, Yes, or Maybe. The visibility of a repair is determined by the overall condition of your carpet. If the damage has occurred in a high traffic area, the carpet is soiled and hasn’t been cleaned frequently, you may see a slight color variation until the repair gets ‘lived on’. Other times, the repair is unnoticeable. Carpet repair is an affordable option for those trying to avoid the cost of complete carpet replacement. Feel free to visit our website and view our recent jobs tab. There we show before and after pictures of different repairs we have done.

Maryland Carpet Repair & cleaning services the MD, DC, and N. VA areas.

If your carpet looks like this before picture, contact us and our technicians can have your carpet restored to its former glory Call our office at 240-257-6244.

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