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Maryland- DC- Virginia- Carpet Stretching

Maryland- DC- Virginia- Carpet Stretching

This carpet stretching job was done yesterday for a very nice client in Maryland.  Their family located Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning on google, read through our advice about carpet from our website, and proceeded to schedule their appointment online.

Their carpet was installed five years ago when they purchased the home. After moving in their grand piano, their carpet quickly developed carpet ripples. The ripples looked like major speed bumps and was a major safety hazard in their living room.

Our technicians have the proper tools and experience to restretch the carpet and we guarantee our carpet stretching service for five years. We power stretched the carpet from wall to wall and trimmed off the excess carpet. We then reattach and refasten the carpet to the tackles strip and tuck under baseboards.

No matter where the ripples are located inside a room, they occur because the entire room of carpet is loose.

If your carpet has major ripples or speedbumps, or is just beginning to show signs of lumps developing, contact the professionals at Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning to have the job done right.

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning offers the following services:

-Carpet Stretching

-Carpet Repair

-Professional Carpet Cleaning

-Pet Damage Repair

-Bleach Stain Repair

-Berber Repair

-Upholstery Cleaning

-Water Damage Restoration

-Carpet Reinstallation