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Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair Columbia MD

Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair Columbia MD

Preview of a some recent carpet stretching work our technicians have completed. Carpet ripples and wrinkles are gone, clients are happy; equates to a great day at Maryland Carpet Repair.

Carpet stretching- carpet repair is our most common type of repair. These ripples/ wrinkles typically occur because the carpet is loose and was not installed using a power stretcher only a knee kicker. Knee kicker is a carpet tool, but not the primary tool to get the carpet to be drum tight, which is a carpet installation guideline. The power stretcher creates tension and leverage to pull the carpet from wall to wall to ensure it is completely flat and drum tight. Carpet wrinkles and ripples can occur anywhere in the room because the carpet is loose. Carpet is stretched in a north/south and an east/west direction, to make sure we getting all of the excess loose carpet. Our technicians typically stretch anywhere from a few centimeters  to a few inches of excess carpet, which is then trimmed and re-fastened to the tack strips. We offer a 5 yr guarantee on this stretching service.

You can schedule your carpet stretching appointment online on our website or by contacting our office at 240-257-6244.

We service the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas.

Services we provide:

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Repair (Pet Damage, Stains, Burns, Runs, Snags)

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Transitions

Water Restoration

and more!