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Silver Spring MD- Carpet Repair– Carpet Stretching

Silver Spring MD- Carpet Repair- Carpet Stretching

A client contacted our office in need of carpet repair services. Her dog shredded the edge of her carpet, and she needed to fix it before her holiday parties. This transition repair could be repaired two different ways. The preferred method since the damage is right along the edge of the carpet, would be to power stretch the carpet to get some excess so the damaged section can be trimmed out. Another option if carpet stretching would not work, would be to remove the damaged section and insert a carpet transplant using a donor piece of carpet. Donor carpet can be excess carpet leftover from your installation or carpet from a back corner of your closet. Of, course if we take carpet from your closet we would replace that section with a similar, but (not guaranteed to match) remnant piece we stock. Our technicians are certified both carpet repair and carpet cleaning. Please contact our office at 240-257-6244 or visit our website to schedule your appointment online now

Services we provide:

Carpet Repair (Burns, Stains, Pet Damage)

Carpet Stretching

Carper Transitions

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Pet Urine/ Odor Removal

Water Restoration