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Crofton MD- Carpet Stretching

Crofton MD- Carpet Stretching

Do you have similar carpet ripples and bumps in your home? Are you tired of your carpet looking like this? At Maryland Carpet Repair & cleaning, carpet stretching is our most common repair. Once the room cleared of most of the furniture, we will power stretch the carpet from wall to wall- north to south and east to west. This ensures your carpet will be completely flat and drum tight. Drum tight carpet snaps back to the floor versus puffing out like a parachute. Carpet stretching occurs because either the carpet was installed improperly and/or the carpet has come loose from the tack strips. Regardless of why your home may have carpet ripples and bumps, we can stretch the carpet and remove those unsightly ripples. And our carpet stretching service comes with a 5 yr guarantee on the service.

After having your carpet stretched, we recommend getting it deep cleaned and deodorized. Sometimes, even though your carpet is not completely flat, you may see the soil and traffic lines from where the ripples were. A thorough carpet stretching and cleaning can have your carpet in like new condition.

So if you are in Crofton MD and the surrounding DMV areas, visit our website to schedule an appointment online at or contact our office at 240-257-6244.

Services we provide:

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Repair (Burns, Seams, Stains, Pet Damage)

Pet Urine and Odor Removal

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Transitions

and more!