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Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair Bowie MD

Carpet Stretching- Carpet Repair Bowie MD

Are you tired up lumpy, loose carpeting? Carpet stretching can address these lumps and bumps in your carpet in a matter of a couple hours. Carpet lumps and wrinkles occur primarily due to installation failure of not using a power stretcher during the install. Installers often use a knee kicker to install carpet. A knee kicker is a carpet tool used to attach the carpet on the tack strips. It can’t create enough leverage and tension to make sure your carpet is drum tight, an industry standard for carpet installation. Chances are if a knee kicker was used to install your carpet, you may be experiencing unsightly carpet wrinkles and waves. It is best to have the carpet stretched sooner than later because the longer the wrinkles and waves are there the more damage is done to the carpet in those areas. Traffic patterns begin to wear down the wrinkled carpet causing damage to the carpet fibers. We recommend carpet stretching followed by a professional deep clean carpet cleaning to remove the soil and address any traffic lanes and damaged carpet fibers. Visit our website to schedule your carpet stretching and cleaning appointment online at or contact the office at 240-257-6244.  We look forward to serving you!

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning services the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas.

Our services include:

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Repair (Pet Damage, Burns, Permanent Stains)

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Berber Carpet Repair (Runs and Snags)

Carpet Transitions and Seams

Water Restoration

and more!