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Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning

Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning

Don’t Lose Out on Another Weekend

You work hard all week long and look forward to relaxing and spending time with family and friends this weekend. (But you still have to mow the grass!)

During dinner this week, you look down. You aren’t happy with the condition of your carpet. So you and your spouse make a decision to rent a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine from your local grocery store. That’s right… you are going to clean your own carpet. Your goal this upcoming weekend is to clean your carpet, and bring it back to its original beauty, so your family can enjoy a healthier home.

Friday evening is here. Off you go to your grocery store and you find yourself in front of a bunch of do-it-yourself cleaning machines and the various cleaning solutions available. There are products to spray on the carpet before you clean it. There are solutions to put in the machine with the water. You wonder, which product works best to remove spots and stains? How can I get rid of the pet odors in my carpet? You aren’t sure which ones you will need, so you grab a handful of them and take them to the cashier to pay.

At the register, while paying the daily rate of the carpet cleaning machine rental, you realize the cost of all those cleaning products is more than what you spend on food for the family for an entire week. But you aren’t discouraged!  You are going to clean your carpet. Nothing will stop you.

So you go home with all your cleaning equipment and begin. It takes all day Saturday and, unfortunately, part of your Sunday as well. It’s exhausting work. You had no idea what sweating was really like. Yet… it looks pretty good when you are finished. The worst part is it takes multiple days to completely dry, causing you to continually yell at the kids to not walk on the carpet with their shoes on.

Within a few short weeks, though, the carpet begins to look worse than before you spent hours cleaning it. Whats going on.… what happened to your clean , fresh carpet?

You didn’t call your carpet cleaning pro! You know, those who have the training, knowledge, and the very best equipment and cleaning solvents to get the job done right.

Don’t lose out on another weekend with your family. Do the smart thing and hire a certified professional to do what we do best: Clean your carpet and restore it back to its former glory.

We offer Professional Carpet Cleaning– Pet Stain/ Odor Removal- Carpet Repair– Carpet Stretching- Carpet Dyeing- and more!
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