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Carpet Stretching Services in Maryland

Are you looking for professional carpet stretching services for your home in Maryland?

Carpet manufacturers require that carpet is power stretched during installation. The reality is that most installers will skip this step due to many reasons. Many carpet installers have never used a power stretcher nor know how to properly use one.

If your carpet has developed ripples, bumps, or lumps, this rarely has to do with the quality of your carpet. After carpet is installed in your home, it will acclimate to the temperature of your home. When the home becomes warm during summer months, the carpet will heat up and relax causing the carpet to expand. This is usually the time when ripples begin to form. These ripples will increase in size as over time and could eventually become a safety, tripping hazard as well as causing premature wear to your carpet.

You do not have to live with rippling, bumpy carpet nor do you have to replace. Professional carpet stretching will eliminate the ripples and extend the life of your carpet.

Dont Replace It, Repair It Instead!

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